Cry of the Martyrs Part 4

Cry of the Martyrs Part 4

What is Still Not Surrendered?

  • God NEVER asks something FROM you.
  • God ONLY asks that which is FOR you.

With God, it’s not about giving something up, it’s about gaining something better!


Genesis 22:2-3 (CW) God said, “Take your son, the only one you have, the one you love so much, and go with him three days’ travel to Mount Moriah. There at the top of the mountain I want you to offer up Isaac to me as a human sacrifice.” Confused and pained over such a command, Abraham nevertheless obeyed.

John 8:56 (TPT) Abraham, your ancestor, was overjoyed when he received the revelation of my coming to earth. Yes, he foresaw me coming and was filled with delight!”


  • Miraculously born (Gen 21:2)
  • One and only son (Gen 22:2)
  • A mountain in Moriah (Gen 22:2)
  • Rode a donkey there (Gen 22:3)
  • Carried wood on back (Gen 22:6)
  • Head stuck in thorns (Gen 22:13)
  • 2 men were with him (Gen 22:3)
  • A three day journey (Gen 22:2)


  • Miraculously born (Matt 1:23)
  • One and only son (Jn 3:16)
  • A mountain in Moriah (Jn 22:2)
  • Rode a donkey there (Matt 21:7)
  • Carried wood on back (Jn 19:17)
  • Head stuck with thorns (Jn 19:2)
  • 2 men were with him (Mk 15:27)
  • A three day journey (Matt 12:40)

When Abraham surrendered the ONE area he was holding on to, he received the greatest revelation of his life!


Mark 10:17-25 (LDB) A man came running up to Jesus and knelt down in front of Him and asked, “Good Teacher, what must I do in order to live forever?” Why do you call me ‘good’?” Jesus replied. “Only One Person is truly good, and that’s God—no on else. [Am I good, or am I God?] You know the commands God has given: You shall not commit adultery, you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not tell lies about anyone, you shall not cheat anyone in any way, and honor your mother and father.” “Teacher,” he replied, “I’ve obeyed all of these from the time I was a child.” Jesus looked at him for a moment, really loving him for his sincerity. Then He said to him, “There’s one thing still missing in your life: Go and sell everything you have, and give the proceeds to the poor. Then you will have riches and wealth in Heaven. After that, take up your cross and follow Me.” The man was extremely sad when he heard that, and he went away with a heavy heart, because he was very rich. Then Jesus turned around and said . . . “It is extremely difficult for those who put their trust in their wealth to enter the Kingdom of God.”

Is Jesus worth it? This man said, “No,” and missed eternal life.

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